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We provide the expert SAP support you need

SAP RCS specializes in SAP Consulting Services through a team of high caliber SAP Consultants.

Typically the SAP infrastructure is maintained through a team of consultants deployed full-time at the premises. The SAP team takes care of functional areas, development, maintenance and user interactions to resolve their issues.

We are an SAP IT services boutique based in UK and Gurgaon, India. We started providing SAP consulting services since 2010 and expanded our presence in Europe and Middle East. We have grown to a significant size of highly qualified and skilled consultants and technical professionals in all these years.

We understand the technical gaps and skills shortage in the industry, and we offer to fill those gaps by providing highly skilled and efficient resource.

Why Choose Us?

Business Collaboration

We leverage Internet based Business Collaboration Tools like MS Teams, Webex or Skype ( Chat-Audio-Video-White board ). VPN technology makes the data interchange secure. We can operate as per your timezone. For most organizations, remote consulting can be easily integrated with their current SAP team for ongoing projects.

Intelligent Way

SAP Remote Consulting Services is the intelligent way to get access to SAP talent. In new digital economy, SAP RCS is no just a good idea, it is a more efficient delivery model! A better Way of Working!

Flexible Engagement Model

We offer flexible and transparent engagement model, our robust remote working environment are tailored to meet client needs

Specialized Workforce

Our consultants responsible for delivery of the solutions are highly experienced and fill gap in the industry

Competitive Pricing

We offer the best price and greater value by providing high quality solutions and services