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SAP EWM - Extended Warehouse Management


SAP WM is used by more than 7,000 customers worldwide. It is a scalable solution that has been deployed in various business environments and industries from simple raw materials warehouses to complex, high-volume, and automated distribution facilities. SAP WM can be deployed as a centralized or decentralized solution. The functionality of SAP WM has been expanded further as part of the latest SAP version ECC 6.0.

SAP EWM - Extended Warehouse Management offers flexible, automated support for processing various goods movements and for managing stocks in simple to complex warehouses, furthermore it supports planning and efficient processing of all logistics processes in customers' warehouses. SAP EWM maps an entire warehouse complex in detail in the system, down to storage bin level. The business user can always determine exactly where a stock belongs to a particular material is located in the warehouse complex at any given time.This redesigned solution accommodates the core functionality of ERP WM with additional capabilities that match those available from third-party, state-of-the-art solutions. The most significant functionality advancements include labor management, slotting and a solution called Material Flow Systems, which is designed to allow the WMS to directly control automation without the use of what is commonly known as a Warehouse Control System or WCS.


Target Audience

SAP WM and EWM is generally suitable for people who have some store experience or have worked in warehouses as Warehouse supervisor etc. SAP EWM is replacing SAP WM and MM + EWM is a good combination to find a suitable job. Luckily there are not many MM + EWM consultants and an expert in these two modules have good chances to get his or her first break in SAP

Suitable For

Add Ons

Entry point

Training needed

Extra Learning to improve job chances

Mechanical Engineers, People working in Warehouse Department, Stock Keepers. Floor Walkers

Any software knowledge (Most companies are already some kind of software to manage stocks)

SAP Super User
SAP Process expert (If specific to any industry)


WM is old and might be obsolete shortly