SAP Fiori WM HUM app

Video of the Demo WM App

When I was with CSC (now DXC) we built a customised SAP Fiori Warehouse Management transactional app. This video is a demo of  a Warehouse Management app developed as part of CSC UK  and India SAP Mobility team. It is intended to perform post goods movement for Handling Units with reference to deliveries. It would be used by Warehouse workers at the time of unloading and loading operations. To build this app we have also used a third party application ‘Apache Cordova’ to access the smart phone camera for scanning the Handling Units.

“SAP Fiori App for WM” is a Transactional Fiori Application, first of it’s kind with regards to Warehouse Management, built to assist warehouse workers in their daily activities.

This WM app is primarily focused on the daily activities that a Warehouse worker would perform using his/her RF Device (which costs at least £1000 per device).  RF devices receive data via radio waves directly from the SAP System and transmit the results back to the system. This WM App, being an “SAP Fiori App” is capable of accessing SAP system just like the way RF device does; thus can very well replace RF Device which brings up huge business advantage with it, by lowering the capital costs spent on RF devices and for its maintenance. It is estimated that an Automobile Company, such as FORD Motor Company, with 25 Warehouses across a region, which uses approx. 100 RF Devices per warehouse can save a minimum of £2.5 million (excluding maintenance costs).

The WM app is developed to perform the following Warehouse Processes:

  1. Goods Receipt &
  2. Goods Issue.

The App deals with the Warehouse Processes using the Handling Unit by performing “Goods Receipt” at the warehouse against the inbound delivery, and “Goods Issue” against the outbound delivery.

The core idea behind this WM app is to enrich towards a Next-Gen Smart Warehouse utilising Fiori and also increase user adoption by providing better user experience.