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Delivering SAP Mobile Solution in a Defence Industry

Delivering SAP Mobile Solution in a Defence IndustryFaraz, now the Director at Enfogen Consulting, was with IBM earlier and  implemented a Syclo based SAP Mobile Solution for the Swedish Armed Forces using Agentry. The project involved deploying a mobile solution for...

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10 Years with Enfogen Consulting

10 Years with Enfogen ConsultingEnfogen Consulting has been providing SAP supply chain services to clients across the world for the past ten years. Over this decade, Enfogen has built a reputation as a reliable and innovative provider of supply chain services, helping...

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FNR Holiday Demand Distribution

FnR Holiday Demand DistributionSAP Forecasting and Replenishment is a software solution that helps businesses manage their inventory and supply chain operations more efficiently. While it is designed to provide accurate demand forecasting, there are several factors...

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SAP Fiori Implementation for SAP EWM

SAP Fiori Implementation for SAP EWMWe built a custom SAP Fiori Warehouse Management transactional app. This video is a demo of  a Warehouse Management app developed as part of CSC UK  and India SAP Mobility team. It is intended to perform post goods movement for...

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